What is going on at the Grove household....

This week the Grove household had a sick mommy. Somehow I got a little bug but not to worry, I am back in action....I think. Everyone was ready for me to be well, including Bear (below).

While being on my back I glanced thru some old decor magazines and books. One of my favorite items to collect is vintage decor books. Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book from 1968 is a treat. Mostly because you look thru the pages and some of what you see works for 2009. For instance the image below is an eclectic mix of plastics, metals and synthetic finishes which is how most of us decorate today. Not to mention how lovely those tufted chaise lounges are!
How cute is the pop art wall in this child's bedroom.
Who doesn't love a Charles Eames Lounge Chair?
Below is a custom headboard made from wallpaper panels.
You can find this book hereEbay and amazon are both great places to find vintage and antique books.

Below is a sneak peek into the latest Grove project. Cant wait to finish it!!

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