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Hi, I'm Ellie! I write a design blog called Mint, and also run a stationery shop called Hello Tenfold specializing in wedding stationery. Kirsten asked me here today to guest post, and I am excited to share 7 of my favorite fall decor items.

The first thing I have to have when the weather turns cold is a good bud vase (or five). Once the leaves turn brown and start to fall, having filled bud vases is an inexpensive pick-me-up. I have my eyes on these two frommudpuppy.
I also like to bring in rich wood tones to make things really cozy. This teak & walnut Danish chair was recovered with burlap from a rice sack by Lets Rebuild , a company from my own town of Durham, NC.
Some good candles are a necessity, and these maple log tea light holders add to the cozy factor. They're made by Robinson Greig on etsy.
You might remember these beautiful, hand crocheted, felted bowls from last winter. I never bought any for myself, but I've still got them on my mind... made by Papaver Vert.
I love switching out my spring & summer floral napkins for something like these handwoven checked ones. Made in Madison, WI by Jennifer Pellman of Plait.
Designers Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos created these chunky, knit pillow covers for West Elm. A couple of these and a good throw will make it hard to get up on cold mornings!

The last of my favorite fall decor items is one I have in my own home. Each year, my stepmom buys me the latest Wolf Creek calendar. Each month has a new piece of artwork that's always just right for the season. The October print is one of my favorites from '09!

Thanks for having me, Kirsten!

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