What is going on at the Grove household....

You sure have seen alot of yellow on SG lately! Sheezzz. Yellow is not the only color I like, I promise! But for some reason alot of my favorite things right now happen to be in yellow. Oh well.
The start of a new season always puts me in the mood for redecorating. I have started a couple projects around the homestead. Mostly little changes here and there.
This is a little vingette in our entryway. (Is that yellow??)
I bought an antique step ladder a couple years ago. I like it but was not liking where I had it. So I moved it to my bedroom and I am using it as my bedside table.


We changed around our dining room and now it is more of an office but still can be used as an eating area for large partys. Here is a glimpse of the sitting area by the large window.
Below is a glimpse of my deal of the month. I found a high back settee at a thrift store in downtown Boise for $45. Yes, $45!! I still need to clean it a bit. It is in excellent condition. I am curious when it was made. The upholstery is very vintage with the birds and flowers.
This piece will go in our what was once an office and is becoming a who knows what room.
Have a great night peeps!

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