Les Bois Tuesday: Brass Razoo....

You want eye candy today?? Well then I have a treat for you! I could go on and on and on about this next segment of Les Bois Tuesday.
Welcome to Brass Razoo (no site available) which is located right outside of Boise in Nampa Idaho. It is like stepping into vintage, retro, chic paradise. From the fabulous redone furniture pieces to the one of a kind vintage jewelry pieces. This shop has style and I want to move in!

Elise Vaughn opened up shop in 07.07 of 07.
Let me back up.
Elise is formerly from Australia who moved to the states, went to college in California, met man of her dreams and ended up in Idaho fulfilling a dream that she didn't quite know she had until she started creating.
Let me back up further.

Elise has always had an eye for design and creativity. Her parents taught her "to make what she wanted" and "to be resourceful". She made Teddy Bears and even her own clothes at a young age. Yep, she rocks.
Long story short, she started making her designs while being in full time Social Work. She quickly discovered that she loved creating and was not satisfied with just selling at Farmers Markets and Shows. She found a little store front in downtown Nampa and turned it into a cute little shop around the corner in 2007. After just a short bit she moved right next door and made that space a bigger cute shop around the corner. (They even knocked out a wall to add square footage.) And that is where we are now. She has since gone full time with this new career at Brass Razoo and from the sound of it is pretty dang happy.
So what exactly does she create and sell?

Brass Razoo carries overstock, returned, and damaged clothing from department stores and boutiques at huge markdowns. (I spied a Trina Turk dress that I might need.) They also carry vintage clothing and pieces that were created from scraps of leftover materials.
Megan, who was working the shop when I stopped by, told me that they have the best selection of skinny jeans right now.

Elise also creates GORGEOUS jewelry pieces from vintage and broken pieces. Every piece is one of a kind.

Prices for everything are incredibly reasonable!

Now please note, Elise designed and decorated the WHOLE STORE. She reupholstered, repainted furniture, sewed, glued, hammered.....everything. Most items in the shop are thrift, vintage and re-used.
Some of her favorite places to find goodies is Salvation Army on State St. in Boise, Savors, Craigs List, and Garage Sales. Also she likes 2nd Chance Building Materials Center and Store Fixtures of Idaho for vintage lighting.

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did. If you still did not get enough of Elise's eye for design don't you worry. Word has it that her home is super duper delightful so SG is planning a tour there soon and very soon.

Make sure locals that you go take a visit to Brass Razoo on 2nd St. in South Nampa.
Thanks Elise!!

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