Ivanka or Julianne?

2 ladies have dipped into the design world and love it. So do we prefer Ivanka Trump as a designer or Julianne Moore?? What do you think?
Ivanka decorates her assistants apartment which
was featured in Glamour.
  • julianne moore's decorating
  • julianne moore's decorating
  • Julianne decorates her stylist’s apartment which
  • was featured in Domino.

Create a room in your brain in 10 seconds flat!

I really enjoy creating rooms in my head. There are endless possibility’s and endless options for furniture, accessories, ect, and sometimes when I am in the mood to redo something its best to just design it in my head or else I would change things in my house ALL OF THE TIME or change my mind on design projects constantly.
I saw this couch at Lee Furniture and thought it would be fun to create a family lounge around it so here is my lounge idea!

Ahhh…..Wallpaper…. I quit

I finally accomplished one of my wallpaper projects. Im not quite sure if I personally will finish anymore because I cant stand wallpapering!! I am not the best at it but my husband on the other hand is great at it. He is a perfectionist and I am not. He likes to take his time and I want to move fast. I am to curious about the end result to take my sweet time.
I love how it turned out and I cant wait to finish the room now with furniture and accessories.


Shawn Lovell Tree bed
I thought this bed by Shawn Lovell Metalworks
was so interesting and quirky.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Continued……..JK’s Office and Living Room

Next up is JK’s office. She kept the lines simple and clean. She is a bit ocd but it allows her office to always be uncluttered and it always looks like it is straight out of a magazine. My favorite part is the white office chair from Ikea.

If you can believe it, it is always this organized!!!

Great storage ideas!

And now……her gorgeous living room.

She kept with modern lines on her furniture and then added gorgeous prints and textiles in her pillows and that lovely rug from West Elm!

I love the lamps flanking the couch.

Didnt she do a GREAT JOB?? I gave minor tips here and there but she came up with 99.9% of the design and for that, JK, you get the first annual Simply Grove house of the month award! :)
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