Lovely Nurseries

I have 2 children, a three year old and 22 month old. I was getting the bug for a newborn until my 22 month old took a turn towards total independence and self proclaimed freedom from all authority. We are honing her back and she is doing much better but I still want to wait a little longer than I thought for our 3rd child. I will always have the nursery somewhat planned in my brain. Nurseries are so much fun to design and decorate. You can be as eclectic as you want or as elegant as you want. Its the one room of the house that can have yellow, pink, green, red, orange ect… in the same room and its alright! You can go overboard or underboard.
My cousin is due soon with her first and we are starting the first stage on her nursery which will be beautiful! (She has what I like to call “Bel Air Glamour” style.) I will post pictures of it when it is finished.
Here are few inspirational nurseries to feast your eyes upon.
Baby Nursery at Domino Design Project

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