Beautiful weekend!

I figured I would drop a quick post before the weekend hits us full force. My son is doing amazing! Thank you for all of your sweet comments and prayers.
Below is a chair I redid a few weeks ago for my bedroom. I am happy with how it turned out and it only took me a total of 45 min to redo it. Not bad at all.
So may this picture inspire you to do a fun project this weekend! I will be back full force next week!!!

Nothing about design

So yesterday my little 3 year old son decided to begin wheezing and start taking fast breathes every couple seconds. It caught my husband and I off guard since a few hours prior he seemed fine. I took him to the ER (which he loves. NOT. You could hear him screaming all the way to the next county) with my wonderful mom. They gave him a chest exam and ran some tests and found his little bronchial tubes were closing which could have been caused by many things. (I love how specific doctor’s are.) So my little man and I had a slumber party at the hospital so they could give him oxygen and watch his breathing. We are home now and he is back to his energetic self!! With all that being said I probably will have a slow blogging week! I have a few posts coming up that I am excited for so please stay tuned! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Found this adorable picture via Ellmania

Statement Pieces

Cary Buffet
NEO BAROCK Chandelier
I found a few pieces that I like to refer as “Statement Pieces”. They are the accessory or piece of furniture that put in a white room or muted room would make a big POP and totally change the rooms atmosphere. I LOVE statement pieces and the more I understand my own style the more I realize how much I adore simple rooms with one or two wild, out of the box items. For instance, a white tufted couch with a few cream textured pillows, a light cream and pastel brocade rug, 2 white tulip chairs and then add a bright red murano glass chandelier. Just having that single red chandelier will bring drama and style to that room.
You can turn a piece you already own and make it a big statement. My friends know that I love a spray can! If I’m tired of a bland color why not paint the whole thing a bright bold color. Turn a boring chair and make it look like you just bought it off of Conran Shop.

More of her work….

Here is more of Chloe’s work.

10 stars

I really like this room and I think the reason is the lovely light shades are so soothing and then you have pops of bright colors. The mirror is quirky and the curtains are traditional but they compliment each other. Mid Century Modern furniture fits perfectly in this space. Not surprising the brains behind this room is designer Chloe Redmond Warner who also is an editor for Lucky Magazine. Her portfolio is eye candy to say the least.
All in all I give this room a thumbs up!

Wallpaper of the day

Osbourne & Little

Burke Decor

Elise from Burke Decor contacted me about her fantastic site that sells home accessories and most recently furniture. She sells brands like Thomas Paul, Graham & Brown, House Eclectic, Nova, and iBride.
A few of of my favorite accessory items that she sells are Bliss Studio pillowsOwl umbrella standSurya Large Serving Tray by Simrin and Baby Carthage Pierced Covered Lantern.
I also love love her furniture selection. The Tamara Bench by House Eclectic is fabulous. All in all this is one cool site that I think everyone will find simply wonderful. And the best part has to be that she is offering simplygrove readers 10% off there purchase when entering “GETIT” when you check out. Shop well!

Happy home in Sweden

The blogging week has begun for me on this gorgeous warm Monday night and I think that I will start the week off by showing you house I found for sale in Sweden that I personally think is adorable! I found it on a Swedish site that shows apartments and homes for sale. Skeppsholmen Fastighetsmäkleri is so fun to look at. I am a hug fan of Swedish design.
My favorite part of this house is the grand but low scale exterior that I find to be so warm and welcoming. The house has a great mix of old and new.

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Now that it is warm and sunny outside I am getting in the mood to decorate my back patio. I love the look of modern lines and fun pots. There is nothing like a having dinner outside under stars, candles and lots of beautiful flowers.
I hope it is sunny for all of you this weekend! I get to enjoy 90 degree weather. This calls for a celebration!
Living Etc.

Lace Lamp.

AphroChic just blogged about this a few days ago and I fell in love. I figured all of you need to fall in love with me. So here it is, Tropez Lace Lamp. (Please do not tell me if you don’t like it. Just humor me.) Ok, now that your in love where would you place this beauty? I’m thinking I need it in my master bedroom.
Tropez Lace Lamp

Someone needs to own this!

I love this piece that is featured right now in ELLE Interiör. It is so whimsical and glamorous.

The Lovliest of Lovely’s

Do you prefer living in a fancy space or a quiet like library space? Do you want people to feel free to put there feet up on your furniture? Does your living space reflect you or is it designed after a picture in a magazine? When you walk into your living space are you happy and calm?
A living room should really take on the name, “living room” and you should feel comfortable in this space. Being comfortable to some is being surrounded by family pictures and lots of candles. To others its being surrounded by glamorous accessories and fancy furniture. Whatever your taste is dont be afraid to turn this space into your dream space! Design is taking risks and creating something beautiful.
Below is a collection of living spaces that I hope will trigger some thought. Happy living space day!
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