Lisa Bengtsson

When I think of an absolutely talented designer who has ran towards her dreams, Lisa Bengtsson comes to my mind. This 27 year old graphic designer from Sweden has worked very hard and has succeeded at pattern design, illustration design, graphic design and now the most fabulous part, she is a wallpaper designer of one of my most favorite wallpaper lines. Her 2 wallpaper projects, ” The Family” and “Svärmor” are wildly popular.
I was able to ask her a few questions via email. (I so wish in person.) She seems wonderful and I must say that we have a few things in common even if we do live over 5,000 miles apart.
Where were you born?
1981 in a little town called Gnosjö in the south of Sweden. But now I live in Stockholm
When did you realize that you wanted to design?
I’ve always been fond of creative work and painting. When I grew up I liked to communicate by the means of; visualization, colors, form, pattern and typography, which today has become my job. Design for me is about communicating a certain feeling to other people. The day I realized I could communicate that feeling through my own creative ability, I decided I want to become a designer.
What places inspire you?
antiquarian bookshop
What is your favorite coffee or tea drink?
I love tea….and the best is …hmm let me see chai tea
What is your favorite local shop?
What design inspires you the most?
It is different but i don´t have any special, But I am more inspired of old things, photos and other stuff
Do you prefer black or brown? Cream or white?
black and cream white
How did you come up with the idea for your “Svärmor” wallpaper?
The name is “Svärmor” which means, “mother in law” in Swedish. It’s a pattern made out of singular shoes coming from different periods in my life. Why shoes? There is something special about a pair of shoes. It’s an accessory we always need to wear, which changes its appearance depending on where we go. Each shoe breaths a history of our life – some of them stay forever,
others leave only a footprint behind. What I like the most about shoes is their profile, silhouette and the relationship between its shape and shadow. “Svärmor” brings to mind the issue of our consumption society and ask the question; do we really need so many new pair of shoes each season? Do we? Maybe we do, this wallpaper is a contribution to all the shoe lovers out
in the world. But why the name mother in law? Well, mother in law is also a happy family member.
Who is your favorite clothing designer?
I like Acne it is a swedish company how do really good stuff
What thing in your makeup bag can you not live without?
rosch (I don´t know how it spells but the red/orange powder you put at the cheek

Exhibitions: Top Drawer Spring LONDON 2008
Thank you Lisa for a fun interview!!!!

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