Statement Pieces

Cary Buffet
NEO BAROCK Chandelier
I found a few pieces that I like to refer as “Statement Pieces”. They are the accessory or piece of furniture that put in a white room or muted room would make a big POP and totally change the rooms atmosphere. I LOVE statement pieces and the more I understand my own style the more I realize how much I adore simple rooms with one or two wild, out of the box items. For instance, a white tufted couch with a few cream textured pillows, a light cream and pastel brocade rug, 2 white tulip chairs and then add a bright red murano glass chandelier. Just having that single red chandelier will bring drama and style to that room.
You can turn a piece you already own and make it a big statement. My friends know that I love a spray can! If I’m tired of a bland color why not paint the whole thing a bright bold color. Turn a boring chair and make it look like you just bought it off of Conran Shop.

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