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So yesterday my little 3 year old son decided to begin wheezing and start taking fast breathes every couple seconds. It caught my husband and I off guard since a few hours prior he seemed fine. I took him to the ER (which he loves. NOT. You could hear him screaming all the way to the next county) with my wonderful mom. They gave him a chest exam and ran some tests and found his little bronchial tubes were closing which could have been caused by many things. (I love how specific doctor’s are.) So my little man and I had a slumber party at the hospital so they could give him oxygen and watch his breathing. We are home now and he is back to his energetic self!! With all that being said I probably will have a slow blogging week! I have a few posts coming up that I am excited for so please stay tuned! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Found this adorable picture via Ellmania

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