This weekend we have the privilege of celebrating a day for just mommy’s. Some of you mom’s are saying “its about time”! We work so hard at what we do, whether if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. Sometimes the list of mommyhood seems like it is the length of 3 novels but we always seem to get it done. (For the most part.) I think a great way of spoiling ourselves, after we open our new 4kt diamond necklace, is to do a major redo of our workspaces and making them look beautiful!! Your workspace might be the laundry room, a corner in the kitchen, your own personal office or a craft room specified for all things crafty. Alot of times our days don’t allow the luxury of making those spaces beautiful but its time to take a stand! Make your hubby watch the kids and go shopping! Get some cute crates and baskets, buy a labeler and start beautifying that space! You deserve. And since you have to look at it daily make it a jaw dropping room. I have a good friend whose craft room makes you want to sew, paint, knit and try about every craft out there.
So, my challenge for you is do what you need to do to love your specific space and then celebrate by eating a tub of yummy ice cream. Happy Mommy’s day all you beautiful, sacrificial, loving mommies!!!!

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