Guest Blogger: Fryd + Design

Hello, this is Jeanette from the blog Fryd + Design making a visit while Kirsten is away. Kirsten asked me if I could make a post on my favorite fall decor, and of course. I´m so happy she asked!

For me the autumn is all about the light and colors, we have the most wonderful light here in Norway at this time of year. Let me show you,
I´m so exited and I hope you will like my pics for fall.

I like to see my house as a blank canvas, mostly painted in white. That way I can bring in colors through pictures, pillows, flowers etc that I can easily change. Right now I love yellow and orange together with pink, I like warm colors when it´s getting colder outside.

This time of year is also all about handiwork for me and at the time I´m all into crocheting. I love my small dolls and they keep popping up every were in the house. They are so easy to make if you know how to crochet, just use your imagination :)

I wish you all a happy day and I hope the wonderful autumn sun will shine on you!

Jeanette XX

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