My kiddo’s decor

I have so much fun decorating my kids rooms. Even though I am planning on redoing some stuff here is a few pictures of the playroom and my daughter’s room.
My husband painted this elephant for the kids. I am trying to get him to start a children’s art collection!
Both my kids fit perfectly on this Ikea sleeper sofa.
Our playroom has this great cut out that I made into a reading and craft nook for the kids. Its such a warm cozy space for them.
I purchased this vintage hanger at a little boutique in Sun Valley Idaho and the Hook is from my favorite boutique “Lily” in Jackson Hole Wyoming. (My daughter looks adorable in this toil skirt!!)

This antique lamp was my grandmothers. The shade was a little old and warn so I switched it out with this simple one.

My dad is a great artist so of course I put him to work when he comes to visit us. He painted this mural in my daughter’s room. Its inspired by a card that I found.

Every princess needs a round crib!!
My son’s room is still under construction so stay tuned for pictures of that project.

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