As I start on projects (lucky for my family, many projects) around my house I begin to daydream about the layout of my rooms, wake up in the middle of the night with lots of ideas, stop at the magazine aisle to soak in interior pictures and stare out my car window wondering if the chair should go in this corner or that corner. The funnest project for me is going to be my bedroom. I could design and redesign bedrooms all day long. I always consider longevity and trends in my design. Will an artichoke lamp chandelier really be in style 3 years from now? Can an ikea chest stand the test of time? So much to think about but it all makes my heart pitter patter. My style for my own bedroom tends to lean more towards feminine bohemian glamour and my husband doesnt seem to mind so I am going to run with it for this next design. I will keep all of you posted with lots of pics and commentaries about this project!!

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