My Ethan's Room....

My son is much more organized and clean by nature then my daughter. Ethan has a place for everything and MUST have a clean room before he goes to sleep every night. I gave him a space without clutter so that it would be easy to clean and organize. I also tried to create a place for him to read, draw and practice his pre-school tasks.
Eden has a variety of accessories where Ethan only has one of everything. Different personalities need different spaces!
The deer art was painted by my hubby and the art on the main wall is a collection of EtsyTarget, hubby and Ethan's art. My friend bought the desk at a garage sale for $7 and the inspiration board above the desk is full of his favorite people. Ethan and I made the lamp shade by wrapping yarn all the way down the lamp. It looks very cool at night.
I purchased the planets above his bed at Pottery Barn years ago. He will never let me get rid of them! Both chairs are Ikea.

Playroom tour TOMORROW.

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