Here is the last kiddo room on this tour. We have a "bonus room" upstairs near the kids rooms that we turned into an all out play room. Nothing about it is adult. There are books, toys, art projects and games that fill this room and sometimes fill it to full. Oh well.

This room is a mixture of thrift shops, Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Etsy and handmade. The bench that holds all of there books is a bookshelf turned sideways and topped with a mountain of pillows. I found all sizes of ABC's at a local craft store and painted them. The mirror underneath the coo coo clock (Urban) was my moms mirror and I have wanted it for forever so she finally gave in and gave it to me. Thanks mom!
The kids love to hideaway in this room and sometimes so do I:)

Visit my flickr for more images of all 3 rooms.

Also click on the image to view bigger.

Next week I will show you the plaid party that I created for my couch!!

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