My Eden's Room....

I have shown a few images of my kid's rooms in the past but I thought I would give you more of a tour today. We will start with Eden's room.
My Eden Jo is full of personality so I felt her space needed to be fun and whimsical. My dad painted a quote on the wall that I found off of a greeting card that seemed very fitting of her personality. Her bedding is a mix of Ikeaand handmade pillows. The giant horse was a gift from one of her favorite baby sitters. The pin wheels on the wall were left overs from the shower I hosted a few months back.
I bought the armoire a few years ago and painted the outside of the doors Jet black to give it some contrast. The armoire is topped with a variety of sentimental pieces as well as fun pieces. Most of the art in her room is Etsywith exception of an Urban Outfitters print and a mommy made when she was bored print. The butterfly wreathe was also made late at night with 2 besties. I bought the venetian heart shaped mirror for dirt cheap on Ebay.
All in all my little girl is very happy in this room and that is what matters the most!
Tomorrow I will give you a tour of Ethans room and then the playroom.

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