SG Giveaway!!!

What if all you had to do was answer a simple question in order to be in a drawing for a giveaway?? Hopefully you would do it, right? Well I sure hope so!!
The question- Most needed area for organization in your home. (Example- My laundry room is in desperate need of attention. Really, it is!)
The prize- "Wallpaper: Dreams of Color for the Home" by Alejandro Asensio. (Its a fabulous amazing read with tons and tons of eye candy.)

Please, everyone participate! The contest will end this Friday and I will announce the winner next Monday the 8th. The added bonus of this giveaway is to realize that EVERYONE has a disorganized space in there lives and if you say you don't then I dare you to show us! hehe.
Also, I will be doing follow up posts highlighting ways and looks to help us be motivated to tidy up those spaces that seem to be winning:)

Answer on!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I must do something with my kitchen! I live in a college apartment and the kitchen is itty-bitty. I need it to be organized, functional, and cute!


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