Drum roll please!

I am happy to announce that because of the lovely response with SG's giveaway that I have decided to award 2 individuals. 1st place obviously wins the incredible book and 2nd place will receive another fabulous book, Bold Colors by Sarah Lynch. So........who is it??? Well, I chose number 12 for first and 37 for a close 2nd which crowns Laurin (who wants her closets wallpapered) and Christine (who needs help with her kitchen drawers) the winners! Thank you everyone for participating and I am so excited to start tackling this somewhat overwhelming subject. Make sure to check back for all of the ideas I have just for YOU:)
(Ladies, please email me your addresses so I can get these books sent to you!)
Also, SG loves giveaways so if all goes accordingly I will have a giveaway once a month:)

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