Organize 105 (Kitchen)

Oh the lovely Kitchen! Why does it seem like we are cleaning our kitchens every other hour?? Well, probably because we use it alot. I have to have my counters wiped and my sink empty before I can go to sleep. It is something that I cannot handle!! (Ask my hubby.)
When organizing a kitchen start by getting rid of the things you haven't used since Jonny's 3 year old birthday party 20 years ago. Those things that you think "You never know when that will come in handy". Face it, it will NEVER come in handy if it hasn't been handy for the last decade.
Another huge tip for keeping that kitchen spiffy is make sure your counters are uncluttered. A few canisters, coffee maker, toaster and maybe a cookie jar is a good start. The more stuff the more likely your kitchen will look sloppy. Well peeps, those are my 2 tips of the day. Hope they help get you thinking!
Here is some kitchen eye candy:)
(To SarahHazelKamewhPorchlight InteriorsPigtown Design and Erin.)

Final Kitchen 1 by allaboutleah.

Final Kitchen 2 by allaboutleah.
Love this kitchen!! Flickr

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mod kitchen


kitchen wallpaper


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  1. My mom also have same habit that is for cleaning kitchen sink before going to sleep is must and he can't sleep without that. Kitchen sinks


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