Magazine Monday

This evening I have been skimming the pages of Septembers issue of Canadian House & Home'sThe Fashion Issue. Its a good one people!!! They take a look inside the homes of top designers, stylists and editors. Of course fashionista's know what they want in there homes, or so we would hope. The 2 designers of Smythe'sclothing line, Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe, have 2 lovely, stylish and bold abodes. One loves pinks, oranges and reds while the other loves pale neutrals and calm blues. Both have fantastic homes! Another fun article is Haute Couleur. "Bring home iconic fashion hues to dress up spaces with signature style." The 4 color choices are Hermes Orange, Kate Spade Green, Tiffany Blue and Cartier Red. (Which hue do you prefer??)
Check this one out!!

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