Organize 106 (Closets)

Closets can be our favorite space because they showcase our wardrobe that we are so proud of and those comfy sheets that cost our whole last paycheck. Or closets can become our enemy because we lose control of them and we just cant seem to gain control back. Well, your assignment is to win those spaces back!!! Whether you have a tiny closet a room sized closet, a cabinet for a closet or an armoire for a closet make that closet lovely and functional. It may take a whole day but you will feel so much better.
I found a great article at Real Simple for organizing your closets that you should check out. Its 19 organizing tricks that are sure to work. And whatever trick you choose stay consistent with your choice and make your closets beautiful!! (I will not be charging for this closet pep talk.)

Martha Stewart
Apartment Therapy
Martha Stewart and Domino
Alicia Paulson and Melanie Molesworth

Apartment Therapy
Martha Stewart
Nicky Hilton

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