My Saturday

I usually never post about personal things and I usually never blog on Saturdays but I thought doing both are well deserved today!
I have had the luxury of having my mom within 5 to 15 miles from me my whole life. Well today that changed! She has started a new chapter in her life which includes moving about 6 hours away from me. I am so happy for her but I can't deny how strange it feels. Fortunately both my kids are to young to understand that Grandma moved. They just assume she moved to a new house and that they will see her soon like always. Mommy knows the truth. :)
So there is my sob story (not really even a sob story) which leads me to my next order of business. I wanted to do something fun today to distract my mind from her move and from my hubby being out of the country so my cousin, friend and I went to our local farmers market which totally made my day. My cousin and I both love to receive and to buy fresh flowers, candles and cleaning supplies! I know. I should want jewelry or clothes but the fact is these 3 items make my heart go pitter patter. So of course we were on the hunt for all 3 and left totally satisfied!

This bouquet looked so organic to me. Like a huge wildflower field.
I love fresh lavender. It makes your house smell like a spa. This candle is made locally out of soy. They had tons of scents. It took forever to choose!
I found this Umbra wastebasket at a health food store. Its degradable.
I purchased this last week but had to post about it. I found it at a local consignment shop and fell in love. It's an antique ladder and I can imagine it being used to climb into the tall beds that were so popular in the early 1900's. I thought it would be perfect to display some of my favorite design books.

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