Magazine Monday

Every Monday I will be posting my favorite magazine of the week and why. Maybe it was an article that stood out to me or a room that I fell in love with.
This weeks pick is Belle. June/July's issue (yes, I am a little behind) is all about what Luxury means today.
Hmmm, good question. For some Luxury is in the little things. Flowers, soft blankets, pieces passed down from family, spending a whole day with loved ones. For others Luxury comes only from expensive things. Cars, real estate, designer pieces. What does luxury mean to you?

Anyways, Belle visited the homes of Randolph Duke and Emanuele Castellini to name a couple. Randolph's home is glamor ten times over! (The A to Z of style posted about his house.) He calls his look 'Glam- Organic combining natural elements with sleek polished pieces and antiques.
My favorite featured home was a Toorak home. The formal living room has this crazy (in a good way) late 17th century french timber and gilt mirror from Robertson. Its gorgeous!!!
And since I am very much into French design at this moment, "French Twist" was just the eye candy I needed.
There is so much more to gaze at so you need to go to your local Barnes and take a gander!

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