Kick your feet up on a Pouffe!

You gotta love a good pouffe! I mean the name alone is fun to say. For those who are not familiar with the term, a pouffe is a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool by being completely covered in fabric so that no legs are visible. It's essentially a large hard cushion that may have an internal wooden frame to give it more rigidity. It is also known as a tuffet or hassock. I personally do not own a pouffe but I have my eye on a few. They are such a fun accessory to add to any room. Here are a few pouffe's that are lovely.

White leather pouffe
Moroccan leather pouffe
Lacewing pouffe
Esedra pouffe
Wool pouffe
Modern pouffe
Moroccan pouffe

1 comment:

  1. Though the Esadra and Modern pouffe are looking more beautiful than the usual but the wool pouffe is more comfortable to me and I prefer it. Thanks for some exclusive option.


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