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There are a number of amazing blogs out there and some of them really stand out. There are a number of reasons a blog is not just a normal blog but a fantastic blog. One reason may be that they do there homework really well. Another reason could be that they are always on the cutting edge of design. Desire to Inspire is one of those FANTASTIC blogs. One of the two authors, Jo, recently answered a few questions for me. She is a wonderful person. Both Kim and Jo have incredible eyes for design and know how to pick good eye candy for there readers. Enjoy.
(BTW, Jo has an etsy store!)

When did Kim and Yourself decide on starting a blog?
In January 2007 after we had met on Flickr. We both loved beautiful interiors and had huge collections of images and links we had been hoarding for ourselves. We finally knew what to do with them. Time to share!!!

When did you both become interested in design?

Kim has always had a love of design and has honed her skills on her homes. Although she has never been formally trained she has a fabulous natural talent. I guess you'd say she has the eye. I'm actually trained as an interior designer. How did I get into it? Late. I had other careers before but after meeting architects and interior designers I knew it was for me. Then I changed careers again :)

Do you like working as a partnership?

YES! Blogging can be tedious and lonely and hard work. It's great to have someone to share the work load, to bounce ideas off and it's fabulous to have made a really really good friend. Kim and I don't only share interiors and links with each other we share tears and laughs. I've never met her and never heard her voice but she is a true friend!

What inspires you in the design world?
The unexpected, green design, bright colours and for me retro.

Do you prefer white or cream? Black or brown?

White, black.

What is your favorite online decor store?

Am I allowed to say eBay and Etsy? I'm a firm believer in repurposing, recycling, reuse and supporting the artist or craftsperson.

What is your favorite design magazine?

Australian magazines Inside Out, Real Living, Vogue Living and Belle. International? Elle Decoration UK Edition.

What has been your most memorable post?

They all are. I love readers' homes and dog on a chair and I really really like doing my retro posts. The most memorable Kim post is easy .... her pink kitchen redux. My God the reaction she got! It's amazing what some outrageous paint and a great sense of style can do when you have no money!

What advice do you have for other design blogs?

Find your niche, do your homework and cite your sources. Actually what I'd really say is have fun.

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