I heart all of you.....

Because I only post once daily (I hope to increase that soon) I just reached my 500th post. In fact this very post is number 500. I started Simply Grove in January of 2008 with the intention of posting things that are beautiful to me and showcasing projects that I have done. I am certainly not trying to compete with anything out there but simply trying to be me. I love the blogosphere. There are so many people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet. And with that there are SO many talented peeps out there!
Anyhoot, to celebrate number 500 I wanted to do something special for you readers that take the time to peek at SG. I wish I could buy all of you something fabulous but my husband would kick me to the curb so one of you will get the chance to win the much anticipated book "The Well Dressed Home" by Annette Tatum. Just leave a comment and tell me anything you would like to see added to SG, ideas for new posts or things you have liked in the past on SG. Please no negative comments. You have until next Wednesday at midnight.
Thanks for everything you lovely human beings!!!! xx

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