Hey peeps! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend:) I am heading home today from the Denver area. I am excited to get home to my family but loved being here in Colorado. I became a huge fan of downtown Denver and Boulder. Specifically Pearl Street. So many fun shops and so so beautiful. I stopped by the DWR in Boulder and chatted with the king of the store, Brody. (If you are from that area stop by and say hi to him and his cute Jack Russell Terrier.)
My cousin introduced me to a frozen yogurt shop, CeFiore. Where has it been all of my life!!?? Or better question, where have I been??? (Anyone heard of the Zip Code man??? Long story.)
We also stopped by an always favorite Anthropologie at Cherry Creak Shopping Center in Denver and it instantly got me excited for the fall by displaying stacked wood around a bed and on bookshelves. (Pictures taken from my camera phone so bad quality.) I also heart the lamp below.
Be back soon! xx

BTW, I will announce the winner for the Giveaway tomorrow. And if you don't win lucky for you I have one more dress Giveaway sometime this week so check back:)

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