Would you like to be diagnosed?

(Sofie Andersson)

I tend to enjoy diagnosing my friends. Not with what is physically wrong with them but with what decor style they are and gravitate towards. Tonight my cousin and her hubby were over at our house and they each took my "style" test. It takes about 10 minutes and usually I am able to diagnose there style rather quickly. Some tend to be harder to sort out then others. (Mark!) Some like an assortment of styles while others like more of one specific style. I have diagnosed everything from Glamorous to Federalist. I diagnosed my cousin Rachelle as being Glam Urban Bazaar. She loves all things gloss, sparkle, curvy, colorful patterns, mirrored and chic.
I thought it would fun to offer any of you a free style diagnosis. If you would like me to diagnose your style please send me 5 images of rooms you absolutely love. It can be any room just make sure you adore them. I will be posting a handful of your style tests on my blog. This will be fun and I will do my very best to be specific. Just call me Doctor SG:)

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