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I love love children’s spaces!! If my business could be just designing nursery’s and playroom’s and toddler’s bedrooms, I would be happy and content! I love all the bright color’s you can get away with in a child’s space that would be overwhelming anywhere else. I love how you can be as whimsical and eclectic as you want and your actually helping a child’s sense of sight.
I have found so many great sites to find the funnest, sweetest and most creative children’s design products. Here are a few examples. (Beware, you are going to want to redo your “Jonny’s” bedroom!)
Blackboard bench
This is a fun idea for a bench! Why not make it a chalkboard bench. All you need is a bench, blackboard paint and chalk for decorating. Fun Fun. Picture from Living Etc.
Always a classic, the alphabet poster by Binth

Plywood Trophy Heads
Check out these Plywood Trophy Heads which you can purchase at Graham and Green. Choose from a natural,white or black deer and or moose.
LUX US Light Cube - Click to enlarge
You can use this LUX US Light cube indoors or outdoors as a lighted planter, toy box, stackable bookshelf or a magazine holder. What a “bright” idea!
Nurseryworks Macaroni 6 Piece Crib Bedding (2 colors)
Nurseryworks Macaroni 6 Piece Crib Bedding (2 colors)
I really like this Nurseryworks Macaroni crib bedding set. It comes in 2 fabulous colors, canary and pumpkin. It comes off very modern but curvy. Fun for either boy with pumpkin or girl with canary.

bloombaby Fresco Highchair
We finally have options when it comes to the “oh how boring” highchair! Goodbye white plastic with blue plaid fabric. Hello sleek and modern. You know you can picture your little one in this beauty!!! There are so many options with this bloombaby fresco highchair that I will let you check it out for yourself.

This adorable green owl print was created by a fellow blogger from Norway, Jeanette Lunde. She is so creative and I love looking at all of her new fun projects on her blog. Check her out atfryd+design.

Love it! P’kolino Clothes Tree. Perfect for design and practicality.
DwellStudio™ for Target® Bedding Collection - Circles
Dwell for target has some beautiful products with a great price tag! I love this Circles bedding.
 Maya Chandelier
This Maya Chandelier is a great chandelier for a nursery. Delicate enough but makes a strong statement. Who doesn’t love a crystal chandelier??
 Hum Pendant
I also ADORE this Hum Pendant! Perfect for a toddlers room.
Twin room
Let me end this post by showing you 2 beds that make
my heart pidder padder!!!

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