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Have you ever driven by a house, saw something you loved, got out of your car, approached the homeowner, asked if you could take pictures of there lovely home and exchanged numbers? Well I have!!! And boy was I right about seeing something I loved!! Tracy Cochran is an Interior Designer here in Boise. She is married to Bart and together they have a fantastic abode. Tracy not only has an eye for commercial but she knows what she wants in her personal home. She did confess to being more comfortable with big commercial projects over her own home. (What??!! She is a true designer!!) I honestly could have stayed and lounged in her amazing abode. Especially in that kitchen. Great job Bart and Tracy!

Name: Bart and Tracy Cochran
Occupation: Interior Designer
What inspires you when decorating? Mid Century modern aesthetic, Scandinavian Design. Nature.

Describe your decorating style: Modern with respect to historic styles, fresh and crisp.
What is your favorite room and why? Kitchen, it's bright and happy and it seems to be the place where we gather the most.
Where do you but most of your furniture and accessories? Thrift Stores, Consignment stores, Ikea. Any funky place i can find.

Best design advice ever given to you? Mies Van Der Rohe didn't give this advice to me directly (i wish he had!), but "Less is More"
What is your favorite furniture piece in your home? Our sofa, a great vintage find that we recovered in awesome wool felt.

Check out Tracy's design firm Seed Interiors.
For more pictures of Tracy's house go here.

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