George Nelson

Guest Blogger: on "Love That George Nelson".

George Nelson was a design genius, no doubt. His work with Herman Miller is legendary. Nelson is responsible for such classics as the as the Marshmallow Sofa, the Swag Leg Armchair, the Coconut chair and many others. Known for his innovative designs and quirky style, Nelson had a knack for seamlessly blending form and function to great some of today’s modern design masterpieces.

Nelson was recruited by Herman Miller's founder, D.J. DePree, who saw one of Nelson's creations spotlighted in a 1945 issue of Life Magazine. This partnership was indeed a beautiful thing, and together they ushered in a new era of modern design. Always a humble man, Nelson described his career as a series of creative "zaps," where inspiration slammed into him from out of the blue. Take a look at the Marshmallow Sofa - who else but George Nelson could have thought this up in the cookie-cutter 1950s?

Herman Miller continues to push design boundaries even today. Whether you're looking at a Herman Miller chair, desk, or table lamp; there's a little bit of George Nelson in that design. He was one of the greats. You gotta love that George Nelson!

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