canopy bed
May this bedroom featured in Domino inspire you to make your bedroom beautiful and full of goodnights!

2 Stylish Movies

I have always wanted to give credit to 2 of the best interior designed movies. “Emma” and “Somethings Gotta Give”. I know both are in totally different eras but I can honestly say that I love them equally. Emma has incredible strong statements made in every scene with massive molding, overwhelming patterns, colorful fabrics and furniture I want in my house!
And then SGG (designed by Beth Rubino or James Radin) was the inspiration for my own home. I don’t even care for the actual movie but the set was amazing. The cool gray and blue color scheme was such a breathe of fresh air and all the white molding made such a statement but without being to fussy. I love love love them!
Emma images copyright © 1996 Miramax

This picture is dedicated to Shell. Love the dress!!
Somethings Gotta Give

They say that the design of the SGG set stole the movie!

Table Heaven

Thursday, January 31st, 2008
turned wood pedestal table - high gloss white
This table is perfect. Curvy enough to make a statement but not to curvy that you think of mickey mouses clubhouse.
Picture- Brocade Home

Table Heaven

turned wood pedestal table - high gloss white
This table is perfect. Curvy enough to make a statement but not to curvy that you think of mickey mouses clubhouse.
Picture- Brocade Home


THE TRADITION OF wall decoration dates back to Egyptian and Roman wall painting. Centuries later, and particularly in cooler climates, people used fabric to cover walls and windows to keep drafts out. In the homes of the well-to-do, these fabrics were elaborate, resplendent tapestries, which also adorned the walls of European palaces and castles. They were not only practical, but decorative.
Wallpaper began as a cheap substitute for tapestry and paneling. Some historians believe that the use of wallpaper dates back to the 1400s. The first wallpapers were decorations for wood panels, introduced into England by Flemish craftsmen. The papers were small squares with images printed by wood blocks, which were then colored in by hand. As the desire increased to find a less expensive alternative to the wall-hangings of the rich, printers produced simple yet decorative paper panels.
In the 1500s, the wealthy continued to cover their walls but now they did so with brocades, velvets and even embossed leather. The earliest known wallpaper in England dates back to 1509 – an Italian-inspired woodcut pomegranate design printed on the back of a proclamation issued by Henry VIII. Discovered in 1911 at Christ’s College in Cambridge, the paper is attributed to Hugo Goes, a York printer. In general, wallpaper of this period depicted floral designs and murals. Wallpaper’s popularity increased in Elizabethan England. 
Throughout Europe, a fascination began with these fine papers that offered protection against dampness and an improved ability to handle fireplace smoke.
But wallpaper wasn’t purely a Western invention. The Chinese began to produce it in the early 1600s, showered with painted birds, flowers and landscapes on rice paper formed in rectangular sheets.
(History Magazine)
Isnt it funny how when we think of wallpaper we tend to remember it in our Great Aunts house in a huge country floral type pattern or little flamingos plastered all over a bathroom.
Wallpaper has come a long way! We now have many options to choose from. Florals, paisleys, stripes, different textures, metallics, branches and so much more.
You can highlight a wall or paper a whole room. I love when the inside of a shelve is papered or a ceiling is papered. Even framing wallpaper makes a wall stand out. Here are a few examples….
ferm LIVING Kingflower Wallpaperferm LIVING Wilderness Wallpaperferm LIVING Family Tree Wallpaper
Design Public, Walnut Wallpaper
Walnut Wallpaper Gallery

Favorite Sofa

I love this sofa! Its from Lee Furniture. They have over 100 custom fabrics to choose from and they will send you swatches to keep. You can find Lee furniture at both Charles Stuhlberg Design and Top Notch Furnishings in Ketchum Idaho.

White Rooms

Dash of colour
Dash of colour
Elegant monochrome
Elegant monochrome
Elegant living
Elegant living
Spring is coming and I love white!!!
Pictures from LivingEtc

Love This Store

I stumbled upon this store, weegohome, a couple weeks ago while searching for lamps for a friend. I absolutely love it! They are based in Santa Monica. They carry an assortment of pillows, Thomas Paul rugs and fabulous lamps to name a few.

My First Post!!!

Well, I am starting a blog to highlight and chat about the many fun things that surround design and decor. There are so many amazing designers and web stores and decor company’s and magazines and books that are very worth talking about! I want to start posting about the things and items that make me happy and make my heart go pitter patter.

My name is Kirsten and I love all things surrounding design. (Sounds like an AA class).) I have my own interior decorating business in Idaho. I have worked with both residential and commercial. My greatest passion is staging and making a room look incredible. I love taking what someone already owns, pairing it with new and fresh things and seeing the owner happy and comfortable with there home. I love making a beautiful bed, arranging a collection of stuff , mixing fabrics that most people wouldn’t think would work, taking different styles and merging them, organizing a bok shelve and the list goes on. My home never looks the same from month one to month two. I change rooms on a very consistent basis. My style and taste leans towards Glamorous, bohemian, modern and cottage country. (My friends call me Glamorous Modern.)

I hope that you will find enjoyment out of my blog and get lots of ideas and inspirations!
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