Organize 106 (Laundry Rooms)

Here is a collection of Laundry Rooms. Some photos are just to please the eye and some are to nudge us towards organizing this space. These first 2 photos should inspire every one of us to make our laundry rooms pretty (look at that gorgeous chandelier!!!) instead of depressing. (I was preaching to myself in that last statement.)
laundry room chandelier by saucy dragonfly.

laundry room by saucy dragonfly.


Don't you love what Joslyn from Simply Lovely did with her laundry room??? I am inspired:)
This wall shouts organization!
Via Desire to Inspire
The pink paper looks fabulous with the grayish appliances. I would like to hang here:)
I love the thought of storing all of your soaps and detergents in Jars. This is one sparkley room.
What a great idea to dress up appliances.
Floating shelves and hanging racks are a great tip for a smaller laundry room.
house to home
A great tip for your laundry room is to only store things that apply to a laundry room. Don't allow it to become the store all room.
Martha Stewart

For FrankiLanaMy Notting HillEmilyMelissa and Robin.


  1. These are all good ideas. Thanks for sharing to us. The bania room is very important.

  2. I am instantly inspired. It's a cold, snowy, dreary day here and I am stuck doing laundry...again! This has me thinking about how I might make that endeavor less of a chore. I'm headed downstairs now to plot my revenge on the evil laundry space!!! Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing!


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