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I have the utmost appreciation and love for Stylists. I don't think that there is a better job out there if design is your cup of tea. With that being said Genevieve Wiseman is one of those design Genius's. She is a Photo Stylist who does roomsets, tabletop, editorial & advertising. Her portfolio is stacked and her work is amazing. Please enjoy this mini interview with Genevieve.

When did you decide that you had a love for Styling?
Probably all my life - I was always moving furniture around in my bedroom to change things up when I was a kid. I also changed up the look over the years, it went from Merimeko to Laura Ashley bedding and everything in between on the walls.
My mother was a decorator for a brief stint and I remember I loved looking through all the heavy stacks of wallpaper books and going to furniture showrooms with her.

Do you consider yourself a designer as well?
Yes - overall, the same design principles apply. However the big difference is, it is a real 3D space and needs to function accordingly.

How long have you been in this field?
Full time for the past 5 years as a Stylist.
(Although, I did intern for House & Home magazine when I was in high school.)
Styling for magazines and advertising as I do, is also about photography. So I have been in the photo industry for over 10 years.

What has been your favorite project?
Styling for Target. I loved working with the photographer Mark Olson (so lovely).
Having a strong team is a real treat. Coming up with ideas and power shopping for multiple roomsets was both creative and challenging.

Favorite City?

San Francisco

Coffee or Tea?

Fall or Spring?
Spring - I love tulips

Brown or Black?

Any tips for people wanting to start a career in Styling?
1) Look at lots of inspiration images and figure out what you like. It may be a theme, a color story, a certain trend. It always goes back to Susan Sontag for me, how it does what it does.

2) Go to stores/showrooms/flea markets and look at what is available to rent/borrow/buy and start to think about how it would look if it was photographed. Maybe pair it with something that is not the norm.

3) Meet up with photographers to shoot creatives to create a portfolio for yourself.

4) Go with the flow - it always works out in the end

Thank you so much Genevieve! You are one talented Chic!

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