Organizing 107 (Sewing and Craft Rooms)

I am not a sewer and I don't do a whole lot of crafts but one of my goals this year is to do more hands on projects. A craft room would be ideal and an organized craft room would be a must. Here are some rooms that should inspire all of us.
Love the color Pallet. It makes organizing look fun:)

Clean and Simple.
What a great idea to hang ribbons and paper.
This sophisticated office is highly organized and looks like it would be easy to keep clean with all of the specific locations for your stuff.
You can take this anywhere you need it.
This is filed in my favorites for eye candy! Cindy from Quaint Handmade is creatively fabulous!!
Cindy's sewing area is so "quaint". What a delightful space.
This would be anyones dream space. I love the mix of styles of furniture. The ribbon on the wall is clever. Lovely:)
Studio : Bookcase by quaint handmade.
This book shelve is put together so well with all of the specific locations for magazines, fabric and books.
Shelves, Magnetic Rack, Ribbon Rack, Tools - North East Corner by Crafty Intentions.
An organized space like this would take a few days to create but it would be so well worth it! You would always know where your items are.
sewing corner 07 by creativelittledaisy.
Perfect idea for an inspiration board/ storage board.

Love the thread wall. Check out the rest of this space here.
A good workspace needs specific locations for sewing, working and organizing.

For Jmae, Sandra ReeKarenMaryAnne and Katie.


  1. ohgoodgolly! so gorgeous! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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  4. I apologize; I forgot to include my email:

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