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Good Shelving

In honor of SG's giveaway here is an image to get those tidy bugs biting.
Style at Home

Come on, read a book.

I love books and I love rooms that showcase books. Whether it's a full on library, books stacked on the floor or some built-ins tucked in the corner, books give any room warmth and a feel of comfort. Here is a collection of some of my favorite "Book Spaces".
I'm going to Disneyland! :) So I will see you all next week!!!

My house

James Merrell
Frank Roop
Sofie Anderson
Studio Aandacht
Angie Hranowsky

This photo is of a dvd collection but just imagine these shelves filled with colorful books.

Living Etc.

I like the layout because…..

There are moments in the day that I will remember a picture from a magazine, website or blog that I saw that really inspired me. Today as I was looking at my living room I remembered seeing a dual purposed living room in Real Simple last January that at the time I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. My living room is very similar (built ins on either side of fireplace and size of room) to the one in the picture and I think the layout is brilliant. I like the idea of having stations in one room. You have your reading station and sitting with friends station and watching a movie station. It makes a room dual purposed. I don’t know if this layout is practical enough for my family but I really like it!
Dual-Purpose Room Makeover
Ellen Silverman
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